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Santa Fe Chair - 20 seat
Santa Fe Chair - 20" seat

Price: $469.00
 Santa Fe Rocker
Price: $501.00
 Santa Fe Glider
Price: $526.00
 Santa Fe Footstool
Price: $105.00
 Santa Fe Side Table
Price: $205.00
 Garden Bench - 44" seat
Price: $526.00
 Garden Swing - 44" seat
Price: $526.00
 Upright Adirondack Chair - 20" seat
Price: $421.00
 Upright Grande Adirondack Chair - 23" seat
Price: $443.00
 23" Sports Chair
Price: $195.00
 20" Sports Chair
Price: 189.00
 Kids Sports Chair - 17" seat
Price: $85.00
 Director's Chair - 20" seat
Price: $332.00
 Grande Director's Chair - 23" seat
Price: $346.00
 Folding Director's Chair - 20" seat
Price: $349.00
 Grande Folding Director's Chair
Price: $368.00
 Coffee Table - 42" x 23" x 16"
Price: $221.00
 Coffee Table - 23" Square
Price: $221.00
 Fancy Side Table
Price: $195.00
 Trestle Picnic Table
Price: $553.00
 Trestle Picnic Table Bench
Price: $221.00
Adirondack Chair - 20 Seat
Adirondack Chair - 20" Seat

Price: $389.00
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Our Top-Selling Napa Valley Woodworks Adirondack Chair.  It is si...

Adirondack Rocker - 20 Seat
Adirondack Rocker - 20" Seat

Price: $416.00
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Imagine rocking for hours in the this incredibly comfortable classic Adi...

Adirondack Glider - 20 Seat
Adirondack Glider - 20" Seat

Price: $442.00
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Some say "the most comfortable version" of the classic Adirondack ch...

Grande Adirondack Chair - 23 Seat
Grande Adirondack Chair - 23" Seat

Price: $395.00

Built for maximum comfort, the Grande Adirondack Chair is almost 20% wider...

Grande Adirondack Rocking Chair - 23 Seat
Grande Adirondack Rocking Chair - 23" Seat

Price: $442.00

Fully assembled and High-Detailed!  

Built for c...

Grande Adirondack Glider - 23 Seat
Grande Adirondack Glider - 23" Seat

Price: $473.00

"Glide your day away" in the Big Boy Adirondack Glider Chair  Som...

Adirondack Footrest
Adirondack Footrest

Price: Standard $95.00  Grande $119.00
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A great addition to any chair.

Ordering Information:...

Adirondack Loveseat - 44 Seat
Adirondack Loveseat - 44" Seat

Price: $553.00
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The Adirondack Loveseat is one of our most popular pieces. It costs only 50...

Adirondack Loveseat Rocker
Adirondack Loveseat Rocker

Price: $525.00
Click title to see 3 more pictures

The Adirondack Love Seat Rocker is perfect to spend an evening with your lo...

Adirondack Loveseat Glider
Adirondack Loveseat Glider

Price: $685.00

Just like our rocker this glider  is a prefect addition to any po...

Garden Chair - 20 Seat
Garden Chair - 20" Seat

Price: $306.00

The Garden Chair is a big seller. It is a more traditional piece, and is th...

Garden Table 42
Garden Table 42"

Price: $443.00

All of our companion tables were carefully designed to complement any of ou...

Fancy SideTable
Fancy SideTable

Price: $195.00
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The Fancy Table matches the Folding Adirondack Chair. Notice the curved top...

Square Side Table
Square Side Table

Price: $169.00

The simple, square Adirondack table is solid, and functional. It is the sam...

Garden Utility Benches
Garden Utility Benches

Price: 36" Bench $125.00  48" Bench $150.00

The Garden Utility Bench is ideal for the mud room, on the porch, in the ga...

Potters Bench
Potter's Bench

Price: $443.00
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Plenty of work space with this handsome piece. Comes with waste lid and sup...

Adirondack Junior Buddy Bench
Adirondack Junior Buddy Bench

Price: $195.00

The perfect indoor - outdoor bench for kids. Ideal for video games, Saturda...

Childrens Picnic Table
Children's Picnic Table

Price: $279.00

The perfect fun table for the kids!

Ideal for indoor or outd...

See SawTeeter Totter
See Saw/Teeter Totter

Price: $390.00
Click title to see 1 more pictures

The See Saw/Teeter Totter is perfect for the whole family. Easily adjustabl...

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Napa Valley Woodworks

Napa Valley Woodworks
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"It flatters us. It says 'My how good you look! See how well we are all doing that we should have all this time to sit! And such a nice place to sit. Stay right there while I take your picture.' -- Author Daniel Mack, describing the Adirondack chair in his book, "The Adirondack Chair"

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